University of Rhode Island Edwards Hall

BTGA was tasked with upgrading the existing fire alarm system and providing a new automatic sprinkler system for the historic Edwards Hall Auditorium on the University of Rhode Island, Kingston Campus in order to bring the building up to current code compliance.  The goal was to integrate the new systems into the building with minimal intrusion and to return the lobby and auditorium to a more 1910-appropriate design. A respectful renovation and integration of the life safety requirements was accomplished with new exterior accessibility. Construction was halted when a set of Conti murals from the 1930s were discovered under studding applied to provide a better base for 1960’s drywall.  These pieces were removed, restored, and have been remounted in the lobby.


The interior design changes from the 1960’s renovations have been removed or re-designed to return the auditorium and lobby spaces toappropriate finishes and color pallet. The lobby is now suitable for a variety of activities ranging from small and medium study spaces to performance intermissions and “meet & greets.”  The project received a 2012 Rhody Award for Historical Preservation.