Stone Court

The owners of this house asked BTGA to create a classically inspired stone house to fit in with some of the other houses along the grand boulevard.

The house incorporates a high level of architectural detail and rich materials to quietly reinforce a sense of luxury.

The L-shaped footprint of the house creates a private backyard for outdoor living on the corner lot. 

Ellipses and elliptical curves are repeated throughout the house to tie everything together. 

The house features limestone, slate, granite, and quartzite on the exterior. Inside, travertine and marble add texture. 

Skylights behind frosted glass panels flood several rooms with light. 

Custom cabinets and flooring were designed by Mary Brewster.


Interior decorating: Barbara Lazarus

Cabinetry: Jutras Woodworking

Construction: Brownlow Associates

Photography: Warren Jagger Photography/Robert Brewster