On Point

Sometimes renovation will make a house more “itself” than it was before. This seaside, Cape-style house underwent a careful renovation and received a small addition. The clients wanted an outdoors-oriented, easy-to-maintain property that would allow more time at the beach. Changes needed to be focused, well-tuned and en-pointe.

The first step was a review of the coastal regulations in play at the site and the development of a master plan that showcased the possibilities of this waterfront location. The house was raised above the floodplain to bring it into compliance with regulations, and a new grade established in the front yard to complement the new elevation. A future location for a garage was also determined.

On the outside, the front door was centered, the front dormer was enlarged, the windows rearranged, and the sunporch re-articulated to create a walkout deck on the second floor. On the back, a four-foot-wide addition enlarged the living area to accommodate the family’s needs. A large deck added outdoor living area to the project. Dated picture windows were removed.

Inside, the open living spaces are set off by a palette of complementary neutrals which visually expand the space. Character grade wood adds texture and a beach atmosphere to ground the space. A farmhouse style kitchen keeps the vibe informal. Upstairs, new bedrooms and bathrooms make the most use of the limited footprint.

Photography: Warren Jagger Photography/Robert Brewster