Your vacation house can help pull you into another state of mind. There is no sense in living just as if you were in the city when the outdoors beckons. This house makes you want to play outside (and in)!

This family had a long thin lakeside lot and wanted their house to have the elements of an Adirondack great camp. In response, we designed them a shingled house with a rough stone base, broad roofs, wooden brackets, lots of gables, porches, and columns. The house was set towards the front of the shallow lot to create room for playing fields and a pool complex beside the water.  

The main rooms are arranged along the water view to the back, with a guest suite at one end and a garage at the other. The angled forms create a lot of interesting spaces inside.

Inside, timbers, shiplap siding, stone, and steel connectors continue the outdoor vacation theme. The walkway is suspended above the main floor with steel rods. The ceiling is lined with a sound dampening fabric that looks like plaster.

Broad stone steps descend from the terrace to the playing field to pull everyone outdoors.

Interior finishes: Scarborough Phillips

Cabinetry: Thompson & Brouillette

Construction: Brownlow Associates

Photography: Robert Brewster Photography